The Noble Pirates

Pirate Chest - Pirate of the Caribbean



Here is the pirate chest of the Caribbean. Are you a fan of the pirate saga of the Caribbean? Then you should love the pirate chest! This chest will allow you to dispose of your most precious items for you sailor! Moreover this chest is magnificent! You won't find anything better in our collection. What will offer you a unique piece of decoration! You will be able to boast to have the authentic pirate chest of the Caribbean! Class no?1

  • Storage box
  • Dimensions ( 18 x 13 x 13 ) 
  • Weight : 4 kg
  • Side handle
  • Padlock closure
  • Material: High quality Zinc alloy


If you're looking for another model in the tones, I suggest you check out this pirate chest! The pirate treasure chest! You will see that it is very classy! Our pirate chests are numerous and most of them are made in France! We do our best to make your pirate decoration perfect! At the Refuge du Pirate, you will find everything you need to give your interior a makeover!

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