The Noble Pirates

Pirate Flag - Stede Bonnet



Stede bonnet was a retired military man. He decided to go into piracy, bought his first ship with cash and recruited 70 crew members. He will make these first lootings off the coast of Virginia, before being arrested at the Cape Fear River (United States) after 5 hours of fierce resistance, he will be imprisoned in Charleston.

He tried to escape with 30 of these men, but unfortunately he died hanging on the port of Charleston. Fan of his story? then, get the pirate flag of Stede Bonnet.

  • HD silkscreen: powerful colors, exceptional rendering
  • Solid Stitching: Storm Resistant Canvas
  • Reinforced white strip (to hang the Flag)
  • 2 x Solid metal eyelets (brass)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 150 cm
  • Composition: 100% Super Resistant Polyester

Pirate Flag - Stede Bonnet

I propose you another classy pirate flag from a famous video game, here it is: the assassin's creed pirate flag! You'll see it's perfect! If you want to see other flags, I invite you to take a look at our pirate flag collection. And if you wish to go further in the pirate decoration, we have everything you need sailor! So don't wait any longer!

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