The Noble Pirates

1700 Pirate Flag



Discover the 1700 pirate flag. This pirate started his career on a French pirate ship! After his crew was massacred by Spaniards, he was elected captain of the ship! and thus became a pirate!

On the flag we see a man holding a sword in one hand and an hourglass in the other. Probably to signify the little time left to live from the ship they attack. This flag is often attributed to the pirate Walter Kennedy.

  • HD silkscreen: powerful colors, exceptional rendering
  • Solid Stitching: Storm Resistant Canvas
  • Reinforced white strip (to hang the Flag)
  • 2 x Solid metal eyelets (brass)
  • Dimensions: 90 x 150 cm
  • Composition: 100% Super Resistant Polyester

Are you looking for a pirate flag for the great privateer women? Great, I suggest you come and take a look at the Queen's pirate flag! You won't regret it young sailor!

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