Want to enter the world of piracy, sailor? Then don't forget all the necessary accessories including the pirate ring. No matter what style you prefer, the size of the ring or the material of the ring, we have it all!


As you may have noticed, all great pirates wear at least one ring. That's the case, for example, of our favorite pirate Jack Sparrow! Did you know that he had 4 rings? And they are all personal rings that he used for the realization of the mythical saga Pirates of the Caribbean! He wears them on his thumb, index and ring fingers. But why?

First of all, the rings are a representation of the personality of each person. Depending on the location of the jewel on the fingers, there is a meaning:

  • On the thumb: it is the sign of independence and positivity
  • On the index finger: it is the sign of responsibility. People who like to lead often wear a ring on this finger
  • On the middle finger: it is a sign of power
  • On the ring finger: it is the sign of love and compassion
  • On the little finger: it is the representation of intuition and emotions
  • But that's not all, depending on the shape of the ring, it can also represent a message. For example, the skull ring refers to darkness, danger, death. It is a ring that has the meaning of rebellion.

Finally, the ring is a decorative accessory. For a special occasion, you need to have the perfect piece of jewelry. For a birthday party, a night out with friends, a costume party or for an everyday ring, the ring can bring some pep or originality to your look.


Even though the pirate era as we know it no longer exists in the strict sense, pirate accessories have not lost their charm and appeal. This does not prevent many categories of people like to wear pirate rings, to name a few:

  • Bikers,
  • Bikers,
  • The gothic,
  • The metalheads,
  • The anarchists,...

If you also want to impress your friends, your entourage, there is nothing better to sublimate your look than a pretty pirate ring.


There are many models of pirate ring. For men or for women, you just have to find the best model for you


To assert your personality, there is nothing better than one or more rings on your fingers. What makes pirate rings more interesting is their size and shape. Indeed, pirates like everything that is imposing, that is flashy. It's a way to show their power against their rivals!


Besides the shape of the rings, you can also choose the material of the jewel. Indeed, some prefer a steel ring, others prefer silver. For this reason, we offer you two choices: silver rings and steel rings.


We can provide you with a silver ring that is much more durable than other materials. It also brings class and dignity. You will look simply elegant with one of our silver rings. We offer you unique designs, so that you are the only sailor who can wear the same design.


The steel rings allow you to find much more choice. Our models are selected to be equally resistant and of excellent quality. Even if you wear it every day, you won't damage it quickly. So, among our best rings, you can choose:


This model is very interesting because it represents modern pirates. Moreover, it has the particularity to be available in three different models:

Man or woman, these three models guide you in the right direction. Every detail of the ring is well thought out so that you can embody elegance in all circumstances.


Buying a ring can be a difficult task, especially when you don't necessarily know the size of your finger. But atRefuge du Pirate, this is just a detail that you can easily solve when buying. Indeed, for each model, we offer several different sizes so you can find the right size for you. Don't hesitate to take a look at our pirate bracelet and pirate earrings.

You're probably wondering how? It's simple: just measure the circumference of your finger and find the size match on the chart.

Now that you've found the ring that's right for you, feel free to browse through other collections so you can become the best sailor in our shelter!

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