The Noble Pirates

Pirate Coffre Pirate - Vintage



If you're looking for a vintage wooden pirate chest, you've come to the right place! This real pirate chest is perfect for everyone with a passion for piracy! With its gold latch, it offers an extra charm! On each end of the chest are two strips of buffalo leather. In addition to being a super classy decorative object, it has the possibility to offer you extra storage!

  • 1 Treasure chest

  • Size : ( 23 x 16 x 7.5 )

  • A latch on the front for easy opening and closing

  • Material: Okoume Plywood / Genuine Buffalo Leather

  • Origin of wood: Gabon

If you like safes, I advise you to go and see one in particular! The pirate chest made of wood & leather! You'll see, it's very classy! We also have a large number of pirate chests to enhance your pirate decoration! You will have a unique interior sailor! So at least go and have a look!

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