"Hello young sailor! Are you looking to decorate your home in the style of the brigands of the seas? We have prepared for you a TOP 10 of the best pirate decorations of the moment. With these decorations, your interior will look like a modern pirate ship."



Your living room decor is not complete without rugs! The greatest designers will tell you, rugs are an important element too often forgotten in interior design. Today we propose you the rugs on the theme of pirates. Pirate rugs are often represented by skulls, in reference to the famous Jolly Roger flag! This rug will bring to your interior a modern style that will show your belonging to the greatest rebels of our history!

Benefits of rugs:

Thermal Insulation: Rugs can help save energy, as they contribute significantly to the insulation of the indoor environment.

Sound Insulation: Several studies have shown that carpets absorb sound and padded carpets enhance this ability.

Safety: Slip and fall accidents occur on hard-surface floors, not on carpeted floors.

Health: Carpet traps allergens, dust and other contaminants and holds them until they can be properly removed.

Sustainable: New technologies have been introduced that allow old carpet to be recycled into new carpet or other products; according to one manufacturer's study, out of 121 million Euros worth of used carpet collected, 85% was recycled into new carpet, eliminating the need to acquire raw materials.


Pirate flags have been for several years elements of interior decoration far! Their strong point? They adapt to any style of interior ( vintage, modern, and many others )!🏴☠️

Some people get a pirate flag just for the style, but others really have a passion for the first brigands of the oceans, and dedicate them a real passion! If you are looking for pirate flags.



Pirate chests are the most useful decorative elements, in addition to being beautiful, they can also be used as coffee tables, furniture or simply as storage chests.

Renovated old pieces are the most beautiful to make your interior unique. Many interior designers will tell you to put something old that you have renovated yourself. If you are looking for pirate chests, I invite you to check them out.



Pirate skulls are one of the most common interior decorations. No wonder, given their trashy and classy style! The meaning of skulls in a house is very simple, they claim a membership in this community of bandits of the sea adept at plunder.

The pirate skulls will bring to your home a dark universe that will bring out the bloody battles of the greatest captains.



The paintings are essential for interior decorations, especially large wall spaces. They will dress up your walls.

However, you should not choose just any painting, it must be in harmony with your interior, we have prepared a small guide of characteristics to take into account before investing in a painting:

  • Sizes: Before even choosing the image or painting of your picture, you must know the size and especially determine its future location.
  • The choice of colors: The choice of colors is THE most important choice, choose colors that are in harmony with your furniture so that it fits perfectly with your decoration. For a living room it is preferable to take bright colors, while for a room the best and choose soft colors.



The barrels have become in recent years the most popular elements of interior and exterior decoration. There are many ways to recycle wine barrels.



But it's like everything, you have to know how to create a harmony between the colors and the expectations of your little guy. There are several types of beds for children. There are the normal contemporary "pirate ship" beds, but there are also mezzanine beds in the shape of a ship with the possibility of building a cabin right underneath or simply having storage.

Depending on the size of the room and the age of your child, you will have to choose between the two beds, we will list our advice:

Normal bed: Children under 6 years old / Large room size

Mezzanine: Children over 6 years old / Small room size


There is no age to have a pirate comforter cover! And yes I really wanted to put them in this article, because I particularly like these comforter covers, because they count a lot for a bedroom decoration. It is the finality of the decoration.

A bedroom cannot have a pirate themed decoration without a pirate comforter cover!!! I insist 💀

By the way sailor! If you're looking for the best pirate comforter covers, it's at French leader!



Haven't you always wanted to have your own pirate decoration? Thanks to our incredible stickers with the styles of sea raiders.

The advantages of wall stickers :

A white wall? No soul? You just have to fix your sticker, here is the first advantage, a simple decorative solution.

Let's take as an example the decoration of the child's room, he will grow up, and each time he will have to redo the paint or change the wallpaper, it's not the most practical thing, right? With a sticker, you just have to remove it and choose another one.


The fishing net decorations are not really related to pirates, but they are still in the marine theme. Fishing nets are ideal for large airy spaces.

In closing:

We hope we've given you some guidance in your choice of pirate decorations, as well as in the choice of pirate items you wish to purchase.

Thank you so much for reading our article Sailor!

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