The crew of a pirate ship 💀

Who's who in a pirate ship crew? Many did not know the role of all the crew members of a pirate ship, especially since there are so many of them.


We all know the legendary 👑 movies 🎬Pirates from the Caribbean 💀 with the famous Black Pearl or the flying Dutchman sailing the Caribbean seas, the ocean 🌊Indien, the southern seas 🌊du, West Africa or the West Indies. Then, freebooters, meet with us the piracy 💀dans all its splendor with their different roles and positions of pirates .


The Captain:

Often accompanied by his fetish animal, the parrot, it is he who runs the ship ⛵. It is he who sets out the strategies and missions of the various successful boats. He has all the rights of life and death 💀de all the crew. He represents the darkness 💀 and the terror of the entire crew. But the assembly can also decide his fate and abandon him if he fails in a mutiny that is consistent with the hunt. He is chosen for his strength and charisma by all the sailors.

The Second :
second pirate grade

The Gunner :

He is responsible for the artillery and firing. It is he who announces the orders for the chief of guns 💣, the master gunner. It is he who will anticipate the firing and the movements of the boat. Between battles ⚔️ , it is he who will train the artillerymen.


The Crew Master :


It is he who will bind the commandments and men. It is he who will say the orders of the second. It is he who is closest to the men by motivating them and organizing the different groups to coordinate the different actions. When there is a dispute between the different pirates 🏴☠️ he is the mediator. He also has the right to punish (the famous 👑 caning) these men as the master gunner to rule order and justice, so you have to have the shoulders 💪 to take care of the sailors. If there is someone stronger and more competent, he will take the place of the master and will therefore be responsible for the crew.

The helmsman :

Accompanied often by a long life, they play many roles on the boat that's why they have to study for 7 years before they can 🎖️ access ships. He is the navigator, the cartographer, the geographer, the hydrographer, but he is also the ship's meteorologist ⛵sur the seas 🌊. He will be the captain's adviser on the conditions of navigation. He will study the winds to prevent the boat from drifting too far off course for the pilot to adjust the deviations that the boat might have whether it is on collision or on starboard.

He is the one who evaluates the depth of the seabed ⚓ to avoid sandbanks for example. When the navigation 🧐est dangerous because of a big storm for example it is him who will hold the helm. In these conditions, he becomes the man essential to the survival of the crew to anticipate and prevent the boat from overturning because of the waves of the raging sea 🌊. Otherwise, when there is no storm, he will teach the young people to use the sails and the wheelhouse.

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The Master Gunner :


He is the best gunner ⚔️ who knows the 70 orders on the different charges and points to be carried out in case of attack. He is going to check the supply of powders and that the braziers are well cleaned which are necessary to the red cannonballs 💣.

The men of the master gunner are divided into groups and will manage the different parts. In order to make himself heard and to maintain order, he may resort to the use of caning (punishment). To be a boatswain and master gunner, you need to have the courage 💪 to lead a pirate crew and especially the shoulders 💪 for. If someone is stronger than him, he will get back the place of master.

The Carpenter :


He is responsible for the maintenance of the boat. If there was a fight ⚔️ , they must repair the damage. He will be responsible for the entire structure of the boat including the three masts, the deck, the pontoon and the boats.

The Sailboat :

The sailboat is also part of the maintenance of the boat, but more particularly of the sails, ropes, but also of the good maintenance of the flag of the boat and the pirate flag.

The Surgeon :


The surgeon 👨⚕️ is the only doctor on the ship ⛵. He is the one who will provide all the medical care for the various privateers, whether it be the wounded from the various battles ⚔️ or the illnesses that could affect the crew. The doctors of the time used amputation a lot, which is why many hackers 🏴☠️ had to amputate before losing limbs. If the ship ⛵n had no surgeon, in case of amputation, the carpenter would usually take his place. He would move into the deckhands' bunks to treat them or he would treat the most serious cases in his cabin. He will try to preserve the crew from different epidemics that might appear. He will be equipped with all the surgical tools and instruments, but also with works on the different diseases known at the time.

The Quartermaster :


The Quartermaster, depending on the circumstances, was the second in command. His main objective was to distribute rations, gunpowder, work, prizes and punishments. The petty officer also ey were divided watched over the treasures 💰jusqu 'so that thamong the crew members. After fighting ⚔️ the different ships ⛵comme the galleons by reducing them to wreckage 💰avec the different jewels, the different golden figurines are redistributed to the crew.

The Cook :


The cook is simply responsible for preparing meals for the crew. He is often the psychologist of the sailors and will keep their morale up in case of a hard blow. Pirate ships did not have professional cooks. Usually a regular crew member was in charge of food preparation.

The Sailor :


He is at the very bottom of the hierarchy on the boat. He must obey all the orders given by the Sailors' Master ⚓et carries out the different tasks given on the boat. He has to stay on the deck of the boat for maneuvers and listen to the different operations. He is the one who manages the descent and ascent of the anchor ⚓du capstan. He is responsible for reloading the parts as a servant.

The Gabiers :


They are part of the elite of sailors, they are the ones who go aloft and maneuver the stains off deck. The boatswain directs them from more than 30 meters high from the rigging and the yard step to hoist the sails. They are afraid of being injured and getting stuck on the deck so they are the most vigilant.

Gunner :


It is the head of the room, it is him who will be responsible for the guns 💣. There will be 2 to 5 servants to carry out the various orders of the master gunner. His role is to direct the artillery piece and the servants to reload the guns. It is often a former gabier who occupies this position. At sea 🌊, it is the quality of the technique that will be sought in artillerymen ⚔️car the weapon and the target are always in movement. Experience and intuition are not sought after in the first place.

Flycatcher :


The fly fisherman will be the one who will fight ⚔️ the opposing crew with his musket. When there is no captain left, it doesn't take long for both the enemy and the Dutch to throw down their weapons. There are some fly fishermen too who can practice using the grenade and also teach the rest of the crew how to handle them.

And here comes the sailor! The story of the roles of each member of the crew of a pirate ship comes to an end! I hope you enjoyed it! See you soon for new conquests!

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